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Springfield Quay, Paisley Road, Glasgow G5 8NP

Tasty by Tony Singh is a new restaurant inside the ALEA Glasgow and brings a touch of sparkle to the Glasgow restaurant scene.

On the menu

There's definitely something fun, something different, about Tony Singh's Tasty in Glasgow. There is a diverse a la carte menu along with a market menu with set prices offering good value for diners.

What we'd go for...

Our resident columnists give their views on the menu at Tasty. Sara Jane eats anything that moves (or used to) and has a very varied palate. Wayne is our vegetarian of 25 years and he tends to be a bit choosier! See their thoughts below and their choice of "Perfect Dinners".

There are some big tastes and flavours on offer here. It would be rude not to try the infamous haggis pakora wouldn't it?

  • Haggis Pakora
  • Chargrilled Sardines
  • The Slider


How to find Tasty

The location of Tasty is shown below along with other restaurants in Glasgow and points of interest, including local landmarks.