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Le Garrick

Garrick Street, London WC2E 9BH

Le Garrick restaurant in the heart of Covent Garden is renowned for its regional french food and wine. There is a restaurant on the ground floor featuring window tables allowing you the view of the bustling Covent Garden as well as the more intimate dining room downstairs where you can dine in a private alcove under candlelight. On a warm summer's day you can also enjoy the tables outside, perfect with a glass of red wine.

On the menu

The menu at Le Garrick is most certainly French, with a wonderfully varied selection of starters. There are some great choices, including Escargots De Bourgogne (half a dozen Burgundy snails with garlic and parsley butter) and Assiette De Charcuterie (selection of cold meats from Southwest France). There are some classic main courses to enjoy, notably Magret De Canard à l'Orange and Boeuf Bourguignon.

What we'd go for...

Our resident columnists give their views on the menu at Le Garrick. Sara Jane eats anything that moves (or used to) and has a very varied palate. Wayne is our vegetarian of 25 years and he tends to be a bit choosier! See their thoughts below and their choice of "Perfect Dinners".

I'd probably like to try every dish on the menu! Making a choice here is difficult and you run the risk of changing your mind twenty times. A little longer to order please?

  • La Soupe à L’Oignon
  • Coquelet Au Citron
  • Crème Brulée


How to find Le Garrick

The location of Le Garrick is shown below along with other restaurants in Covent Garden and points of interest, including local landmarks.