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James Martin Manchester

2 Watson Street, Manchester M3 4LP

Modern British cuisine, hand crafted dishes and stunning original features combine to make James Martin Manchester the ideal choice for dining out in Manchester.

On the menu

There's a good choice of menus on offer at James Martin Manchester. Alongside the a la carte and Sunday roast menus there is the Spring Pickings seasonal menu with a 5 course menu and cocktail on offer.

What we'd go for...

Our resident columnists give their views on the menu at James Martin Manchester. Sara Jane eats anything that moves (or used to) and has a very varied palate. Wayne is our vegetarian of 25 years and he tends to be a bit choosier! See their thoughts below and their choice of "Perfect Dinners".

I like the look of the new a la carte menu and the variety is great. I'd certainly be tempted to try out something new here as there are at least two dishes that I've never savoured before. A really super choice on the mains; Turbot, Venison, Guinea Fowl, Pork Belly and Cod Loin among the mouthwatering dishes on offer.

  • Layered lamb belly
  • Butter-poached guinea fowl
  • Hot sticky toffee pudding

I'm always happy when there is a good vegetarian choice and three items off the starters and mains means that I do have a good choice here.

  • Potato veloute
  • White onion risotto
  • Salted peanut parfait


How to find James Martin Manchester

The location of James Martin Manchester is shown below along with other restaurants in Manchester and points of interest, including local landmarks.