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Chinese Cricket Club

Crowne Plaza London, 19 New Bridge Street, London EC4V 6DB

The Chinese Cricket Club near Blackfriars is one of London's premier destinations for lovers of Chinese food.

On the menu

There are an exciting range of menus at Chinese Cricket Club, including a la carte, an express lunch menu along with set menus and the regular special event menus, celebrating Chinese New Year among others.

What we'd go for...

Our resident columnists give their views on the menu at Chinese Cricket Club. Sara Jane eats anything that moves (or used to) and has a very varied palate. Wayne is our vegetarian of 25 years and he tends to be a bit choosier! See their thoughts below and their choice of "Perfect Dinners".

Ooh, the menu is wonderful. I like the mix of classic and modern dishes too, you could eat here every week for a year and not get bored!

  • Prawn Har Gao
  • Wok-fried Scallops
  • Green Tea Ice Cream


How to find Chinese Cricket Club

The location of Chinese Cricket Club is shown below along with other restaurants in City and points of interest, including local landmarks.